Five years into the PFFS journey and we’re proud of the impact we’ve made.

The PFFS platform has been the pollinator – the change agent for Pacific fashion designers over the years enabling their confidence and self-belief to grow and their fashion journey to blossom.

Whether participating as a designer, model or being part of the hustle behind the scenes, there is no doubt that our Pacific Fashion talent and creatives are stirring up and creating change in the industry.

We’re Celebrating Our Contribution

We are marking five years of success and contribution to the Fashion Industry in true 2020 style with a Digital Content Show this year. 

Over the past five years the Pacific Fusion Fashion Show’s physical show has transformed hearts and minds, proving that high fashion isn’t held in the hands of a few elite.

2020 Major Partner

This event will assist in bringing greater awareness and appreciation by the people and communities of the Pacific Islands and New Zealand of their shared Pacific identity, history and culture, while also sharing with New Zealand, the Pacific region, and the world, the incredible breadth of Pacific creative fashion talent.

We’re Celebrating Designers

To date, over 50 emerging and established Pacific Fashion designers have showcased their ideas, first fashion lines and unique approaches to fashion on the PFFS platform. 

These are humble, hardworking Pacific Designers from across the nation; creating and innovating out of their homes and garages, small businesses or fashion school studios.

This year we are proud to feature 13 designers from Aotearoa and the Pacific.


2020 Digital Content Creative Team

This year, we’re excited to be working with some amazing creatives to produce and make our digital content show:


Our Creative team include:

Nora Swann (Executive Producer)
Bright Sunday (Creative, Production &  Marketing)
Sammy Salsa (Creative Contributor)
Brandon Haru (Music Tracks)
Grace Taylor (Spoken Word Poetry)
Sunpix Post (Post Production)