Davis is a Native Hawaiian Graphic Artist. She draws her inspirations from her surroundings, weaving in natural elements, patterns and layers that embrace & intertwine with the work of her kupuna (ancestors). Kanoelani is also a Kumu Hula (Hula Teacher), a mother, an educator, and activist. She stands strong in the preservation of her culture and natural resources. She continues to traverse the realm of Po and it is seen in her artistry and work.

PoMahina Designs five core values are Cultural Inspiration: Visuals of our ancestors, ‘Ohana (family): Leaving a legacy for generations, Aloha: Sharing pure breath and positivism, Self-Identity: Grounded in who we are so that we may stand up for what we believe in, and Essence: True invariable nature & significance that exudes from each piece. Eo! MolokainuiaHina!!